The Artistry Of Permatech Permanent Makeup Training

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Congratulations on choosing the top permanent makeup application method available! Through “The Artistry of Permatech” you will discover all the skills necessary to build a promising career in the permanent makeup field.

Antoinette Parfitt Cox developed the Artistry of Permatech teaching method in 2007, after spending a decade and a half correcting other artists’ work. Realizing there was a lack of properly trained permanent makeup artists, she founded Permatech Makeup Training Studio located in Simi Valley, CA. Since then, Antoinette has trained and certified many of today’s leading artists – and trainers – from California to England.

The Artistry of Permatech teaching provides top notch instructors so your instruction is passed down from the very best. The topics of permanent makeup are covered systematically and in detail, thus giving you a thorough knowledge of the processes involved. The techniques that are taught in class are of a superior quality, providing you with the very best education available.


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Why Permatech?

This is the approach of “The Artistry of Permatech” teaching method. Antoinette after being in the business for many years and correcting the countless work by other artists, decided to start Instructing. “It is important for me to do all that I can to train you to be a capable artist” says Antoinette. With this impetus she created the Artistry of Permatech Method.

The Artistry of Permatech provides top notch instructors so you learn from the very best. The topics of permanent makeup are covered systematically and in detail, thus giving you a thorough knowledge of the processes involved.

Antoinette has hand-picked some of her top artists to work with her and her clients creating a team of women that are highly trained in “The artistry of Permatech” and are extremely qualified to deliver advanced work.


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Class Curriculum

INTRODUCTION TO PERMANENT COSMETICS: Learn the rich history, benefits and its limitations. Permanent makeup has become a little harder to do all for positive reasons and regulations in the field not just anyone can become a tattooist now. The Environmental Health Division registration is needed now to perform permanent makeup tattoo in your area. This process may include Hepatitis B shots that can take up to three months till completion.

SANITATION/STERILIZATION: Learn Standard Precautions, OSHA requirements, cross-contamination, all appropriate procedures, methods and techniques.

FACIAL MORPHOLOGY PHYSIOGNOMY: Learn to see the entire face; learn to identify facial shapes and the characteristics of each feature. Learn to create the ideal and appropriate shape and placement of eye brows, eyeliners, lash enhancements and lip liners.

ANATOMY OF THE EYE: Learn the anatomy of the eye and eyelids and the areas safe for tattooing and those that are not and why. Learn safe tattooing techniques that enhance and flatter the shape of the eyes.

SKIN/SKIN DISORDERS: Learn where and how pigment is placed into the skin. Disorders, scar tissue, Fitzpatrick Scale, textures, tones, aging, elasticity and how all of these factors affect the ultimate healed results.
PATIENT/CLIENT TREATMENT: Learn how to evaluate each client, consult and offer Informed Consent. Live models are scheduled so the trainee can observe the instructor during the initial consultation. Identifying areas that require medical clearance prior to tattooing. Application of cosmetic rules regarding shape, color and amount of permanent cosmetic appropriate for the client are shown as well as evaluating the client’s expectations of the procedure (s). Over-the-counter cosmetics are applied to the client and review of realistic expectations will be reiterated.

 Workshops available with live models. Join our model list by emailing us at

PATIENT/CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Learn the importance of consultation, communication skills, ethics, health history and identifying personality problems and how to handle unrealistic expectations. The Power of “NO!”.

PRE/POST-TREATMENT: Description of procedure and instructing clients on their before and after care. Describing to each client when they should seek medical treatment for possible contraindications.

EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: (Permanent Makeup Kits available for purchase) Learn types, maintenance, sources, needle clusters, pigment knowledge. A supply list of each item used in practice will be provided along with vendors.

HANDS-ON EXERCISES AND DEMONSTRATIONS: Learn applications of eyebrows, eyeliners and lip liners. Learn appropriate selection of pigment colors, use of (OTC) topical anesthetics for client comfort and tips for working conservatively. Observance of the instructors techniques form while doing procedures. Proper positioning of technician’s body, especially the arm and hand, and correct use of machine for a safe and stable application.

EXTENSIVE COLOR THEORY: Color Theory made easy! Learn color control with tried and true formulas and comprehensive appreciation for color behavior intra-dermally. Altering and correcting color versus color removal.

MARKETING AND BUSINESS CONSIDERATIONS: Learn business laws; the business aspect of your clinic regarding liability, insurance and guidelines to becoming an independent contractor will be covered.  All client forms are supplied for you so you can focus on just performing the procedure, i.e. Health History, Pre-Procedure, Post-Procedure, Informed Consent Form, Re-Consent Form, Consulta­tion/Incident Sheet, Formula Record, etc. will be included.

ATTIRE: We request student’s attire be casual professional and comfortable shoes. (Sneakers and Scrubs are fine)

YOU’LL NEED: Camera Students are required to begin cataloging before and after pictures, (preferable on a camera with macro setting for close-up shots). If you require an apprenticeship, you will not be credited for these procedures in your apprenticeship program. Notebook and Pen

CLASS HOURS: Class commences at 10:00AM and adjourns approximately at 7:00PM or later.
Class time is a total of 85 hours, which does not include the 20 – 30 hours of home study.

STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE: MANUAL: A comprehensive authorized training manual will be provided. The book will give you in-depth instructions, questionnaires, release and other important forms, quick checklists, etc. DVD: “123 Numb” of the techniques used for numbing. ASSISTING; program included in the training program for 1 year after certification. KIT: Permanent makeup kit with enough supplies to practice.

PIGMENT: The pigment we shall use in class will be supplied for all procedures.

MODELS: If students wish to work on each other, this is permissible; however, eyeliner procedures cannot be performed until course work is complete. We shall have release forms at class for anyone who wishes to have any procedure performed on them. Students my supply their own model as long as model calls to pay the Model fee of $100 and consult about procedure and time. This is done on a first to call, first to book basis.

CERTIFICATE: Upon satisfactory completion of the course which will include a written examination, student will receive a certificate of completion and can receive a Student Membership in the AAM, which qualifies them to receive insurance coverage.

INSURANCE: You will also receive the insurance company forms to be submitted for your business as a Permanent Cosmetics Specialist and special discounts are offered in certain states since we offer an approved training program.


Student Testimonial

oDearest Antoinette,

Hands down, your are the best PMU artist and teacher a girl could ever hope to have. Your skill amazes me everyday and I strive to be more like you in my daily work. You are an absolutely spectacular educator. I feel very confident that I posses the academic and physical demands for this field because of your teaching. Taking your course, along with the hands on experience I beleive that I am now very equipped and competent. Your program was time efficient and a wealth of information. Your years of experience really shine in your program and in your work. I received everything required to allow me to be successful in this new career. You organized my training in a manner that allowed me to have all the knowledge and resources on which to build a multi-faceted client based service in PMU. I am grateful to you for your never ending patience, encouragement and being there to guide me as my mentor, friend and role model. It’s not everyday you meet beautiful women like yourself who are both generous and kind hearted who keep themselves available to answer all your questions even after the program. The decision to come to your course was well worth my time, effort, and finacial investment. I am such a fan of yours. I think you are absolutely amazing and I will work everday of my career to become more and more like you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!