breast-cancer-ribbon11Permatech Day of Hope Cancer Awareness Program’s vision is to help as many women through the process of chemotherapy and surgery(unfortunately we cannot work on radiated skin). For many women this is a very hard time. Antoinette just wants to make this process more comfortable for them.

The objective is to let as many woman know that they don’t have to go without hair or areola(s). This is such a personal thing and to go without, this does not have to happen. Our Cancer Awareness Program is allotted a certain amount of money each year. Please call us for more information (805) 578-9137.

Why This Day Is Close To Our Hearts

by Antoinette / Owner of Permatech 

Day of hopeAfter being an athlete all my life and really taking care of myself it was a total shock to me when I was told that I had ovarian cancer at the age of 49. It was as if someone socked me in the stomach. It was devastating. I had a hard time understanding how I could possible get cancer. Until further testing did I realize that I carry the BCRA 1 gene that causes ovarian and breast cancer. In addition, my mother and my sister both had cancer at the same time I was diagnosed.

After being told what I was up against and realizing that I will loose my hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes it was very overwhelming. Having to deal with wigs, and trying to apply eyebrows myself and wearing false eyelashes was getting frustrating since I was never good at applying makeup. I was later informed that I could get permanent eyebrows and eyeliner to make my eyes look fuller and give the impression that I have eyelashes.

Therefore, I went ahead and had my permanent makeup done on my eyebrows and eyelids. The experience was wonderful and pain free and only took a few hours for the consultation and the permanent makeup to be applied. I was very impressed by the result and wished I had done this earlier. I look much better and do not have to worry about my makeup wearing off especially in the summer. I also have been informed that I will need to have a double mastectomy.

I have opted to have the areola tattooed on rather then going through another surgery that would require a skin graph to create the areola. This can be applied permanently and give the illusion of having an entire nipple. This was such a relief that this could be done and made feel better as a woman.

Day of Hope Testimonials


quotes_leftAntoinette –

I don’t think there are enough words to cover what I want to say. This was truly an amazing day that I will never forget. I am overwhelmed with joy and see myself back to where I was before my diagnosis. I don’t think I can say Thank You enough to you and your wonderful staff for all that you did for me and the others. I feel like my cancer journey ended today but I will continue continue to help others and guide them through their journey. I highly recommend any woman who had a mastectomy to do the areola tattoos. You will feel like a new person!

For those who want to attend a support group, The ABC (After Breast Cancer) Support Group meets the first Thursday of each month at the Senior Center in Simi at 7pm. You can contact me for more information at

I would also like to invite all cancer survivors to join my on-line support group on Facebook. Search out “Simi Valley Cancer Survivors” and request to join. We are a great group of survivors that offer support and friendship. My goal is to get as many survivors as possible to join.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my journey complete.

Sue Morrison


quotes_leftDearest Antoinette,

I want you to know how blessed I feel crossing paths with you. My story of how I chose you to do my tattoo will touch my heart forever.  It was truly God’s will.  You are a sweet and humble woman.  I am so grateful to you for my entire experience.  And it was FREE! Amazing! When family and friends ask me about my breast cancer journey, you will be my favorite part.
Thank you will never say enough of what I feel.
To you and your staff, many blessings.

From My Heart, Alie


quotes_leftHi Antoinette,

I love how you made my eyebrows so full and pretty. I thank you so much, especially four months from now, if I happen to lose all my hair again. You have a very generous heart and cheerful spirit.

Thank you friend, Michelle